Halifax Borough follows the Uniform Construction Code (Act 45), Halifax Borough Code, Chapter 4, Part 1, requires all persons to apply for a building permit to undertake construction, reconstruction, enlargement, alteration, or relocation of any building or structure. Permit applications can be obtained from the forms page of this site.
Halifax Borough Council Meetings follow Robert Rules of Order as a guide for conduct and procedure.

Code of Ordinances of the Borough of Halifax - Ordinances published as they are uploaded. Missing page numbers are blank pages. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these ordinance files. The official record book of ordinances for the Borough of Halifax will always take precedent over ordinances published here. For an up-to-date ruling on ordinance issues please submit a written request to Halifax Borough via the contact page on this website. 

    -Contents, Foreword, Incorporation, Ordinance 153 adoption
    -Chapter 1, Administration and Government
    -Chapter 2, Animals

    -Chapter 3, Bicycles-Reserved for Future Use
    -Chapter 4, Buildings
    -Chapter 5, Code Enforcement
    -Chapter 6, Conduct
    -Chapter 7, Fire Prevention and Fire Protection
    -Chapter 8, Flood Plains

    -Chapter 9, Grading and Excavating-Reserved for Future Use
    -Chapter 10, Health and Safety (Sections Amended)
    -Chapter 11, Housing

    -Chapter 12, Libraries-Reserved for Future Use
    -Chapter 13, Licenses, Permits, and General Business Regulations
    -Chapter 14, Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks-Reserved for Future Use
    -Chapter 15, Motor Vehicles and Traffic
    -Chapter 16, Parks and Recreation

    -Chapter 17, Planned Residential Development-Reserved for Future Use
    -Chapter 18, Sewers and Sewage Disposal
    -Chapter 19, Signs and Billboards-Reserved for Future Use
    -Chapter 20, Solid Waste
    -Chapter 21, Streets and Sidewalks
    -Chapter 22, Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO)
    -Chapter 23, Swimming Pools, Residential Pool Installation Specifications
    -Chapter 24, Taxation, Special

    -Chapter 25, Trees-Reserved for Future Use
    -Chapter 26, Water-Reserved for Future Use
    -Chapter 27, Zoning


Halifax Borough Council would like to remind all residents of the importance of removing snow and ice from the sidewalks adjacent to their properties. Borough code chapter 21 subsection 201 requires all property owners to make sure snow and ice is cleared from sidewalks within 12 hours of the end of any snowfall, sleet or freezing rain event. Thank you for keeping our sidewalks safe for pedestrian traffic.

Halifax Borough Code, Chapter 7, Part 1, called the "No Burn" ordinance, prevents anyone from burning anything within the borough limits. There are some specific instances where burning may be granted via permit. However the burning of trash and yard debris is now strictly forbidden. Patio fireplaces and cooking grills are an exception as long as proper fuel (charcoal, wood) is used. Burn Barrels are no longer lawful to use in any circumstance.

Grass height---All grass is Halifax borough is to be kept below the 6 inch level in height. Also all trees and bushes must be kept trimmed back off of streets at least 2 feet. Trees and bushes should not overhang sidewalks and streets below 14 feet above ground level in height. Please take care of your properties.


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